What I do

Headshot photography: I have found that good head shots contribute greatly to the success of actors, musicians, dancers, business owners, models and many other performers. It is certainly very influential creating a first impression. I know from experience that of the often hundreds of images the public views, the photographs that stand out have been taken with a particular role in mind. Generic head shots will get generic results. With this in mind, my aim is to work very closely with clients to determine what they need to help them succeed.

Portrait Photography: Although closely related, portrait photography often has very different motives. Professional portraiture is sometimes for reasons of career advancement whereas personal portraiture can be simply for enjoyment, for family, or to mark an important occasion. It is important to note that not all photographers are created equal. A good photograph is, in my view, a result of understanding the motives of the individual. The best thing to look for in choosing a good photographer is to study their work. If you like what you see, chances are you´re going to get what you want.

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